HOBO VODKA: Americana On The Rocks

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Constructive praise for hobo vodka

"Found the first installment of Hobo Vodka lurking in my mailbox yesterday (it does not disappoint). Enjoyed it so much I read the whole thing in one sitting. A truly spellbinding work of prose. For poets." 

~Garth Carson, St. Pete, FL Water Management Specialist

"I love the way Chapter One looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant brilliant brilliant!!!!!!!!!! Dude. You're really onto something. Noodle publishing could become a subscription kind of thing! I would so look forward to a monthly email like this, I love the chapter-by-chapter idea! I mean you're doing it! It's already happening! Good job!" 

~Stacey Holder, Philadelphia Magic Gardens Preservation Specialist

"Hey love! Omg I haven't told you I LOVE chapter one!!! I immediately looked up 'lights' after reading it. i have no idea what's to come but the time is set for the book. i'm so proud of you!! it's fucking amazing!! It could not be better. I seriously feel like I know Rikki after reading. everyone has a Rikki in their life. Congratulations!!! <3 <3 <3"

~Rob Moya, Santa Fe,  NM Dialysis Technician

"Hobo Vodka" 12 Chapter Installment Subscription

You can still receive all 12 Monthly Chapter Installments in Digital-Print and Audio. Digital-print and Audio content will be emailed to you on the 20th day of each month for 12 months beginning the 20th day of April in year of our lord 2018. *Note: When purchasing the annual subscription after April 20, you will receive all digital-print and audio back issues within 24 hours.

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