Arthropology Podcast

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Arthropology is a podcast featuring art professionals and interesting artists.



Episode 3: Erin Fitzpatrick

Portrait artist Erin Fitzpatrick (@fitzbomb) talx running an international art biz out of Baltimore, interns, kickboxing, music, travel and the merits of a pre-typed-out price list.

Intro music by Eva Avenue. Outro music by Sam Miller (and Eva Avenue)

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Episode 2: Frankie in Belfast

Arthropology interviews Frankie, an Irish muralist and portrait artist who was sentenced to 120 years for conspiracy against a British politician during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Today he's out and works with groups of kids and adults, empowering them with the tools and spirit of artmaking.

Episode 1: Stacey Holder

Painter Stacey Holder talx on selling art to Robin Williams, feeling the air as Thom Yorke walks by her at the Whitney Museum, painting all night for months in Albuqeurque, working as Preservation Manager at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, where to go in Philly to see the freshest art, attending the Tyler School of Art, and running her dream residency.

Plantasia Intro and Outro music

See her works at cargocollective.com/staceyholder - at @staceyholder on the gram - and on her Youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/staceyholder