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Imaginal Cell Watercolors

I’ve been painting imaginal-cellscapes since 2013, breaking up solid matter into surging energy fields made of atoms, platelets, eggs, seeds, cells, all building blocks of the more complex organic structures that make up the living world. Seeing elements of moving change in a painting has a healing effect as it lightens and inspires, removing prior blindness to possibilities now illuminated as you allow yourself to dive in to the art. Most are 22X30 inches on thick paper. Watercolor with occasional gouache and red ink.

Imaginal Cell Hope Springs Ephemeral

Imaginal Cell Hope Springs Ephemeral


Imaginal Cell Hope Springs Ephemeral is a representation of fertility, birth, and life. Inspired by the vibrant color, vivacity, and draping beads that characterize New Orleans, the watercolor is a celebration of spring and revival.

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