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Performing as Spoiled Horse Racer, I write songs on piano, bass, guitar, I sing and I love having a girl drummer! I’ve performed all over the US in a few bands or solo since 2007, but my favorite show was when I was 10 years old up onstage at the piano accompanying cellist Yo-Yo Ma! I love punk rock, the Dandy Warhols, Juniore, Violent Femmes, house shows, orchestras and the piano style of New Orleans.

This page contains my Soundcloud song notebook recorded on Garageband, some videos, and show announcements.

Songs on Soundcloud are faster and louder when performed live.

I just moved to Belfast, UK from the USA and I’m looking for a drummer!

Summer sleeper hit from my song notebook.

Recorded in Seattle 2012 by Sam Miller at Crybaby Studios. Video by Stacey Holder.

Taking a “House of the Rising Sun” break from writing about a painter Christian Rex van Minnen, wearing a shirt from Google HQ and some boxers in Brooklyn, NY

Music by Eva Ave. & Sam Miller, Video by Stacey Holder