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2-hour independent zine publishing workshop at Jacksonville Public Library lead by artist and publisher Eva Avenue.

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Hell Or Paris: Experimental Hair-Cutting With Interpretive Music


A Free Skool Production and Class by Eva Avenue

with interpretive music by Rory Flaherty

An innovative art class hair performance! (It's not low-budget, it's art.)

Tuesday Aug. 30

7pm till around 8:47


We will learn how to cut our own hair, or friend's hair. You don't have to cut hair tho - we are experimenting with hair sculpture too! On your own head, you can use bobby pins, sticks, flowers, cloth, anything at all really, temporary hair spray paint, and hair gel or hair paste to bring your hair to an innovative work of art. Bring your favorite hair tools and I will also provide tools for doing hair sculpture. Not with hair on the ground. With your real hair on your head. Like a geisha or a number of tribes in Africa - they use bits of nature and objects to create headpieces and take their hair to the next level. You don't even need hair - your bald head is a perfect starting point if you have jewels, long grass or some paint!

Q&A |  

St. Pete: Why Hell or Paris?

Eva: I'm surprised i get this question so often, cause to me I was giving a very straight-forward name. I mean, as a generally theistic world, it all boils down to Hell or Paris. Good or bad? Both or neither? Your haircut should reflect the confusing melange of views across the globe, thus creating a beautiful explosion of hair and meaning and scissors and twigs and the life-force and scissors. Your hair should be the canvas on which you take out all your doubt and misplaced aggression, and I should be there to cheer you on as you lose your mind. 

Paris has traditionally been the epicenter of style It represents, in the American mind, not only an elitist sense of perfection, but also of unattainability - a material and moral tower stretching to the sky. A modern tower of Babel, as man attempts to usurp the poewrs of Hair to create and to shape beauty in Hair's own image.

Hell is the opposite, specifically, the eso-hair-ic, rushy hair-o-ism of the ranger, cutting his own hair in the desert. 

ST. PETE: What is hair?

ME: Nobody knows. .......................................................... nobody knows ......

ST. PETE: I am a normal yuppie and I don't want to do anything crazy to my hair. Is this class still for me?

ME: This event will feature guest artists and hair cutting and transformation experts.


Earlier Event: June 11
Art Talk @ Studio@620, 6/11, 7PM