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The Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols


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I made this poster from my sketchbook (then took a photo of my sketchbooks page to modify in Photoshop) at the Lisbon airport Wednesday because we didn’t know if we would make the flight to Manchester from Lisbon due to snow. You know we made it cause the Friday show just ended and my legs are sore.

Juniore.  Photo by    Chris LeClere

Juniore. Photo by Chris LeClere

French pop band Juniore from Paris opened the set with sexy spooky synth drone dance shake and cute trance vocals. Their set was less than an hour but I would’ve watched them all night. I got the sense this experience of opening for the dandies on tour was a very amazing turn of events for the Juniore. A fun aside, the lead singer’s dad won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2008.

It wasn’t long before The Dandy Warhols came on at 9pm and stayed on till nearly 11. There is a strict curfew at Albert Hall in Manchester that shows must not go past 11, which doesn’t just mean the sound ends, but they forcefully sweep you out of the place and close up the merch table. I’ve always been able to go to the merch table after a show, cause that’s when you’re excited to go, so I didn’t get anything from Juniore or the Dandy’s new swag. As for the music, you know how it works. They played instruments, it was amazing, we all sang along, I don’t get music writing - I mean, go to the show or don’t, it’s a social experience, I don’t know what to tell you; they played new songs and old hits such as Godless, Boys Better, Plan A, Last High, We Used To Be Friends, Bohemian Like You…


The Dandy Warhols. Photos by Chris LeClere.

They ended the show without an encore, while Zia stayed pulsating a waaaaahhhh/womp sound on her synth and announcing she’d be playing an after party set as DJ Rescue at Night People.


Zia aka

DJ Rescue

The floor was emptied pretty fast by security. I waited outside for a picture with lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor but I hate the photo, I look so insane, so I’ll show you what I wore instead.

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